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Litigation Management-Frequently Asked Questions

Litigation Management-Frequently Asked Questions

Litigation management is crucial for every legal firm or lawyer. It is not affordable if anything goes haywire in that segment. Numerous documents, tight and populated deadlines, and a plethora of clients should not serve as roadblocks to the progress of any firm.

In an age where everything is on the brink of digitization, not having litigation management software that provides you cutting-edge technology to manage a busy litigation portfolio will surely put you back in the race. You cannot depend on manual work anymore if you wish to stay ahead in the competitive field.

It has thus become very critical to equip yourself with legal technology to be at par with the goliaths of legal space.

Here are some frequently asked questions around litigation management that will give you a head start.

What is litigation management?

Litigation management involves anything and everything that a lawyer does to take care of a court case. This includes management tasks like being updated about the case's progress, having documentation in place, or keeping track of the expense that he did for a particular case. All of this is a part of litigation management. This may also include outside counsels that law firms hire to take care of their cases; keeping track of allocated cases, noting down changes, and following up on their development, are just some plethora of things that are covered under the tag of "Litigation Management."

What is an LMS (litigation management system)?

A litigation management system or solution is software that automates all the aspects of litigation management. It is a lawyer's left hand to streamline his litigation management processes. This software has numerous functionalities. Here are some that are worth listing:

  • Updates about the following hearing dates
  • Automatic updates of orders, judgments, and other essential documents in the system
  • External counsel management
  • Display of live boards of courts for cases
  • Updates of new cases and appeals filed in your name or other stakeholders

At Provakil, we build software that makes your litigation management effortless. If you wish to know more about what our litigation solution offers, get in touch with us.

Why is a litigation management system important?

An LMS can help you bridge the gap between the legal sector and other departments. Domestic legal teams can instantly send new email notifications from anywhere in the world or reach out to their experts with inquiries. In addition, it shares important information, documents, notes, reports, and more.

Can LMS Reduce Operational Cost?

Litigation management solutions use efficient workflows and a central repository for customizable documents and reports, automate and simplify time-consuming physical activities, and give legal teams more time to resolve critical issues. Of course, the more time you save will also lead to cost savings.

What to look for in a Litigation Management Solution?

A litigation solution (often referred to as case management or dispute resolution) is any software solution that enables domestic legal teams and other legal professionals to track, organize, monitor, and report effectively. These tools automate most litigation portfolio management tasks and provide accurate data and analysis of case criteria and user activity, which can help the organization make critical litigation decisions.

Read here about how you can select the perfect litigation system.

How long does it take to deploy LMS?

Deploying a litigation management system is an outcome of precise work. Thus deploying takes a significant amount of time ranging anywhere from between a month to 3 months. At Provakil, 90% of our deployments have taken us 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the customizations required by our clients.

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