Provakil named a G2 High Performer in Legal Case Management - Two times in a Row!

Case Chaos!

Tired of tracking your legal matters manually?
With Provakil's Litigation Management Suite, efficiently manage your cases online & use AI to fuel your growth.

Provakil’s Litigation Management Suite showcasing online case workspace, case notifications, and hearing schedule from daily causelist.

Love Numbers? You & Us Both!


average annual financial growth
reported by practising advocates


reduction in risks due to timely
updates & reminders


hours saved per year
on administrative work

Instant alerts to lawyers about case orders & listings updates, office reports, and court announcements from 10,000+ forums on their phones.

instant alerts

Transform your tactics

No missing orders & updates. Get order & listing notifications from 10,000+ forums instantly on your phone.

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10,000+ courts, trademark registries, and patent registries covered.

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Get real-time case alerts on your phone and mail.

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Develop innovative litigation tactics using information available to you ahead of others.

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Share order & listing updates with clients via automatic notifications.

daily causelists

Plan ahead with curated causelists

Save on your time and resources with custom-curated causelists specially designed to cater to the diverse formats of different forums.

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Plan your schedule proactively with personalized causelists.

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Prevent overlapping engagements. Take action to resolve conflicts or reschedule as necessary.

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Customize your causelist with fields you want to see, like forum, bench, item, etc.

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Get a calendar & summarized causelist view to scan essential details.

Personalized daily causelists for advocates with their cases added on Provakil. Showing a daily, weekly, and monthly view.
Provakil’s Case Management software helps lawyers manage cases online with details, documents, updates, and notes in an organized manner.

online workspace

Digitize your caseload

Manage your cases efficiently in a dedicated digital space. Updates, notices, and orders, all in one place.

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Visualize the entire case journey with a descriptive timeline.

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Search for cases in your repository using the forum name, case name, number, etc.

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Add notes and labels to flag essential details and categorize information.

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Access your archived case documents in an organized manner.

client communications

Enhancing client interaction

Deliver instant, insightful notifications to clients, keeping them informed at every step.

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Share order and listing updates with clients via automatic notifications.

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Attach clients with your cases on your workspace and maintain a secure repository.

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Configure specific notification settings as per your preference for different clients.

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Automate these crucial updates for clients seamlessly through SMS and email communications.

Provakil’s AI-based software helps advocates share automated order and listing updates with their clients.
Provakil’s software is accessible over Android, iOS, & Windows across all operating browsers and is available on mobile, tablet, & computer.


Accessible anytime, from anywhere

Eliminate the need to carry bulky files and case documents all the way, wherever you go. Access your case workspace and details offline on Provakil.

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Manage your cases on your iOS/Android mobile through the Provakil app.

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Supported on all operating browsers and device types.

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You can access the Provakil dashboard on your laptop or tablet, too.

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Your case workspace is available offline, enabling accessibility even in low internet areas.

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