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Don't just keep up with the competition; outperform them! Ditch manual billing & client woes with Provakil's cloud-based legal practice management software.

Showcase of how Provakil's Legal Practice Management suite works with a case details screen, non-litigation projects, & invoicing features.

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reduction in
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improvement in
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of our partner law firms have reported an
increase in overall profitability

Matter management

Manage. Monitor. Master.

Supervise your cases and non-litigation projects, stay updated with real-time developments, and transition seamlessly from tracking details to achieving results.

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Personalized causelist for each team member to keep track of their hearings.

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Work on a tailored, consolidated workspace with attached case details, documents, clients, expenses, and invoices.

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Get project-wise progress tracking and smart labelling to increase your team's productivity.

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Use your workspace on your iOS/Android devices. Offline access enabled.

All-in-one Provakil workspace with case alerts, project tracking, case details, and daily personalized causelists for lawyers & their teams.
Automatic order & listing updates, court announcements from 10,000+ forums sent to lawyers & their teams on the Provakil app & their email.

Real-time Case Alerts

Strategize with instant updates

Tailored to your practice, these alerts provide timely updates, ensuring your team stays well-informed and proactive in their legal strategies.

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Receive order and listing updates, office reports, and case assignment notifications by phone and mail.

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Foster collaboration as your team stays informed about case updates, hearings, and deadlines.

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Ensure team awareness of crucial responsibilities, improving accountability and time management.

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Empower team leaders to quickly assess situations, reallocate resources, and adjust strategies as necessary.

client Management

Client engagement on autopilot

With an elevated experience, boost your firm’s client retention and handle client anxiety like a pro.

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Promote transparency by maintaining open communication through consistent progress updates.

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Showcase professionalism by using branded templates.

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Keep your clients informed with automatic hearing & order notifications.

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By automating tasks like billing and updates, you can focus more on onboarding & engaging with clients efficiently.

Client communication is managed with automated order and listing updates sent to clients over email and SMS as set on Provakil.
View of the invoicing feature on the Provakil app for lawyers & law firms. Comes with branded templates & smart filters for segmentation.


Prepare invoices fast. Get paid faster.

Escape the perpetual hassle of unpaid invoices, tedious templates, and countless hours dedicated to billing.

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Maintain organized records with filters for paid invoices, outstanding receivables, and scheduled invoices.

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Schedule invoices directly from your projects or cases, keeping a tab for everything in one place.

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Hourly rates, flat fees, or retainer-based billing - our software adapts to all your firm's billing preferences.

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Make a lasting impression with branded invoices & detailed activity descriptions.

time sheets

Capture every billable moment

Track your billable hours accurately and effortlessly manage your firm's expenses. Make professionalism your forte!

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Use custom time sheets to capture every billable hour with precision.

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Attach expenses directly to your projects and cases and improve project management.

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Streamline the approval process by quickly submitting and reviewing time & expense entries.

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Monitor the profitability of your projects and make data-driven decisions.

View of time logs tracking through time sheets of advocates using the Provakil app. Record of billable and non-billable expenses incurred.
Clear overview of pending and completed tasks of team and self. Team leaders can monitor their team's performance and enhance productivity.

team Management

Manage with new-age technology

Harness the power of ML & AI to automate your workflows, create & assign tasks to the team, and more.

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A collaborative workspace for the team to work together. Assign tasks & track results.

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Manage all your documents online and attach them with relevant cases.

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Maintain data security and privacy with role-based access control features.

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Calendar & email integration to keep you organized and ensure efficient communication.


Let data drive decisions

Uncover the hidden dimensions of your performance with data reports that cover beyond what meets the eye.

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Get actionable insights about your firm's performance and take bold steps towards success.

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Monitor crucial metrics & evaluate risks with customizable dashboards.

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Create forum-wise, client-wise, team, and financial reports.

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Schedule automated email reports as per your requirements.

Actionable reports showing financial performance & case overview on Provakil. Useful for law firms to monitor profitability & productivity.

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