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For a big impact tomorrow, build the foundation of your firm today. Leave the admin ho-hums on Provakil and engage your team in productive legal work.

Provakil users can access their assigned tasks, case assignments, case alerts, and daily causelists seamlessly, all in one app.

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reduction in overall
administrative workload


increase in productivity with support
for online/remote work


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empowered law firms to work with


Instant alerts for a strategic edge

Get immediate case alerts from 10,000+ forums. Enable smart decision-making and targeted results for your team.

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Add your cases on Provakil and receive real-time updates.

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Get all relevant case notifications, including order and listing updates, on your phone and mail.

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Maintain efficient communication by setting automatic alerts for your clients.

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Tweak your tactics by using information available ahead of others and deliver ultimate client satisfaction.

Order & listing updates, task reminders, office reports, case assignment notifications, & alerts from 10,000+ forums on the Provakil app.
Provakil’s software provides personalized causelists daily to all team members to keep them updated about their upcoming hearings & schedule.

custom causelists

Schedule at a glance

Get a clear, detailed picture of your hearings and gain better control over your busy schedule. Less manual work, more smart work!

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Get personalized causelists for individual team members.

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View your schedule in varied time formats to allocate optimal resources for each matter.

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Be informed about ongoing hearings in your practising forums with a virtual Display Board.

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You can also download the causelists for offline access.

case workspace

Round-the-clock accessibility

Empower your team with a digital workspace. All case-related information, documents, listings, and order updates, organized in one centralized location.

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Get tailored workspaces for each member, searchable through smart filters.

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Assign budgets, add expenses, and raise invoices for each case.

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Gain valuable insights at a glance with intuitive metric cards.

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Offline access available. Supported by iOS, Android, and all operating browsers.

Provakil’s software provides a digital case workspace for all team members. The view here shows case information and a detailed timeline.
Provakil software reduces the time lawyers spend on billing tasks. It provides professional templates for custom invoices.


Invoicing for professionals

Experience a billing process designed for discerning professionals, where quality meets efficiency, simplifying financial interactions.

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Filter your invoices as paid, outstanding, and scheduled for a consolidated view.

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Raise your invoices directly from your cases, adding clients, descriptions, and fees.

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Use custom templates to create a distinguished look for your brand's invoices.

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Reduce the time spent on billing tasks with an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for manual calculations.

Task management

Gain visibility over tasks & processes

Monitor your team's progress and boost efficiency in your firm's processes.

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Assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the entire team's performance.

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Sync your tasks and causelists with Google & Outlook calendars and emails.

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Automate approval processes to eliminate manual bottlenecks.

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Control workspace visibility and task permissions with a role-based access feature.

View of team management screen that shows assigned tasks to the team and self, helping in monitoring team performance and productivity.

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