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The cloud-based contract management software that enables business efficiency and improved compliance through advanced automation and collaboration across the contracting process.

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Advanced Contract Authoring.

Simplify and standardize contract requisition and generation across the organization.

Contract Requisition

Logical contract request forms for contract requests to legal teams.

Document Assembly

Automated generation of contracts based on standardized templates.

Clause Library

Detailed library of standard clauses for contract assembly.

Template Configurator

Define and create standardized templates for contracts, renewals, amendments etc.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Collaboration tools to navigate contract review, negotiations, and approvals.

Workflow Configurator

Design complex workflows for contract execution process .

Document Comparison

Automated comparison tool for different versions of the contract.


Contract redlining process for highlighting and commenting on proposed changes.

Role based approvals

Role based deviation approvals for third party negotiations.


E-sign workflows and integrations for multi-party e-signature support.

Contract Repository & Obligation Management.

Dynamic repository to be on the top of all contracting information and obligations.

Searchable Repository

Search contracts information and metadata through a clean interface.

Version Control & Audit Log

Detailed audit log and document versioning.

Management Dashboards

Analytics dashboards for contract compliance, risk and business metrics.

Renewals & Amendments

Detailed workflows for contract renewals and amendments.

Obligation Tracking

Track obligations and compliances for all contract arrangements.

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