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state-of-the-art Security

At Provakil, the security of your data is our top priority
We use the best in class technology while adopting industry best practices,
so you can rest assured.

Setting the standard for legal software

Dedicated cybersecurity team

Our dedicated security team works round the clock to respond to security incidents and solving them is the top priority for our cybersecurity team. We understand the sensitivity of the data running of our platform and ensure to secure it.

Standardizing employee security protocols

We have a strict policy and have technical access controls which prohibit any employee access to any personally identifiable information. Provakil is compliant with ISO 9001 (Global Quality Standard) and ISO 27001 (Security Management Controls)

Cutting edge technology in cybersecurity

We continuously monitor for potential vulnerabilities and review and update our code and systems configuration to ensure your data is always protected by adhering to the industry best practices.

Provakil is tested and certified as secure

Operating in accordance with GDPR legislation

Provakil is GDPR-compliant, meeting our requirements as both a data controller and data processor

Regular security tests

We conduct regular 3rd party security audits with empanelled security vendors and consultants on all Provakil’s applications and infrastructure to find vulnerabilities and to continually enhance security to protect your data.

Secure cloud services

Provakil employs Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to host its cloud servers
Both AWS and GCP are compliant with:

  • CSA (Cloud Security Alliance Controls).
  • ISO 9001 (Global Quality Standard), ISO 27001 (Security Management Controls),
    ISO 27017 (Cloud Specific Controls), ISO 27018 (Personal Data Protection)
  • PCI DSS Level 1 (Payment Cards Standard)
  • SOC 1 (Audit Controls Report), SOC 2 (Security, Availability and Confidentiality Report),
    SOC 3 (General Controls Report)

Built with best practices, on state-of-the art infrastructure

In-transit and at-rest encryption

Provakil uses 2048-bit key encryption for encrypting the communication between clients and Provakil servers. We regularly test our SSL/TLS configuration against best practices by using the SSL Server Test tool and ensure that our rating is greater than 'A'.

Built with data residency and on premise deployment in mind

Provakil offers hosting options in different geographies around the world to address any data residency requirements. Provakil’s hosting facilities are audited annually for security certifications (such as SOC 2 and ISO27001) to ensure they employ advanced physical security measures. Provakil also manages on premise deployment on client servers.

Automatic backups and redundant servers

All the data from the DB server and other internal services is backed up daily. Apart from these backups, we also maintain redundant servers in the form of replicas for critical services like databases.

Virtual Private Network for inter server communication

All servers of Provakil are placed in a virtual private network to provide logical isolation from the internet at large. We use state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed technologies to achieve this which protects Provakil's servers from Man-in-the-Middle attacks and other potential transport layer security vulnerabilities.

Implementing advanced product features and controls

Role-based permissions

This allows us to give selective access to the functionality and the data within the product to the different users of the team.

Login safeguards

Provakil has an SSO with Google, Okta, Microsoft Active Directory and Azure services to be able to leverage your organization’s centralized identity provider into Provakil. Provakil will automatically lock your account for a period of time after too many failed login attempts.

Session/Activity tracking

Provakil logs the IP address of every session for your account and actions taken by your users to help you monitor for suspicious activity.

Password policies

We use the battle-tested, industry standard bcrypt algorithm to securely hash and salt the password, before saving it in our database. Provakil also has provisions to consider password policies from client specific regulations.

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