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Automatic Case Updates

Next Hearing Dates

Get updates on next hearing from 9000+ courts in India neatly tagged with your cases.

Orders, Judgements, Office Reports

Court orders, judgements and other documents automatically updated in the system with notifications to users.

New Cases and Appeals

Get notified when new cases are filed against your company, subsidiaries and other key stakeholders.

Live Display Boards

Live display board data from major courts and tribunals to track your hearings.

Connected Matters & Applications

Get updates on connected matters and applications filed in your matters.

Comprehensive Litigation Management.

Organize & manage your cases from anywhere, anytime.

Information Categorization

Ensure consistent information across matters with custom data fields to record important case details.

Organize Better

Link important case details together including documents, tasks, notes, emails, invoices and dates etc.

Centralized Dashboard

Get a centralized overview of classification based case breakup with upcoming tasks and compliances.

User Access Controls

Detailed access controls to manage permissions and access levels across the organization.

Detailed Spend Management


Setup detailed matter and department budgets.

Spend Categorization

Categorize and track spends under different categories to benchmark and analyse.

Engagement terms

Capture engagement terms with all counsels and for all cases.

Record Invoices & Payments

Track all invoices and payments with matters.

Configurable reporting & dashboards.

Configurable Dashboards

Design your dashboards according to custom case data and pending actions.

Department and region wise reporting

Pendency reporting based on company divisions, regions etc.

Regulatory reporting

Customized reporting for regulatory reporting for insurance, banking and other industries.

Risk reporting

Contingent liability and other risk metric reporting based on litigation.

Accomplish everything from one single place.

Searchable Repository

Manage your cases in a single repository with advances filters and search.

Task Management

Assign and track tasks to different stakeholders with reminders and escalations.

Email Integration

Sync important emails with appropriate cases to keep information well organized.

Reminders & Notifications

Configure reminders and notifications for important updates and actionables.

Document Management

Categorize and manage all documents linked to appropriate cases.


Capture and share notes related to cases with lawyers and other users.

External Counsel Management

Assign and get hearing and other updates from external counsels. Maintain a detailed lawyer repository.

Audit Trail

Detailed audit trail for all user actions and automated updates.

Document Automation

Create templates for automatic document generation.

Calendars Integration

Manage your calendar in sync with matter updates and tasks with google an outlook calendar integration.

Pre and Post Litigation Workflows

Configure tailored workflows for pre and post litigation processes and specialized matters like Arbitrations, SARFAESI, NI Act etc.

User Profiles and Access Controls

Detailed user profiles with role mapping and granular access controls for features, data and module access.

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