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Connect with powerful tools and apps to unlock the full potential of data and streamline your operations even further.

Synapse - Provakil API

In addition to a variety of out-of-the-box integrations, Provakil also has an API to push critical litigation and other related data to your internal systems.

SSO Integrations

Provakil integrates with your existing authentication tools to help you to implement your existing organisational security and privacy policies with Provakil.

Outlook Integration

Install Provakil’s outlook add-in and seamlessly integrate your emails and attachments with your cases, contracts or any other resource on your Provakil system.

Calendar Integration

Sync your Google/Microsoft Calendar with important dates of hearing for your cases automatically.

Zoho eSign Integration

Implement our off the shelf integration with Zoho eSign and get to executing your contracts digitally with Provakil from the first day.


Connect Provakil with SAP to push critical and time sensitive information to relevant stakeholders like finance, procurement, CXOs and others.

Custom Integration

Ask our integration experts. Talk to our implementation team and get to know how we can integrate with your set of tools and 3rd party app.

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