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Provakil is the best software for legal teams. We help manage millions of cases and workflows for our customers.

Some of the largest companies & government bodies, law firms and lawyers across the country rely on us.


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Provakil Customers

State-of-the-art Reporting

Swiftly build and export customised reports tailored to your organisation requirements. Seamlessly collate data from internal and external sources. Effortlessly present data as charts and graphs.

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Comprehensive Collaboration

Drastically reduce efforts with managing worklogs with our highly advanced Timesheets. Quickly add logs and raise invoices based on varied charge-out rates, milestones, blended rates & discounts. Manage invoices and get insights into your best resources and clients - all from one location.

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Manage your cases

Get notified of new listings and orders for your cases on your Android or iPhone devices. Manage your workflow with ease with our automatically personalised causelists, displayboards, client messaging, task reminders and by using our cloud storage for your case-related documents.

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